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Shaping the future sustainably

Inspiring Global Financial Competence (GFC), for a sustainable future.

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About us

GFC Europe is a worldwide business incubator headquartered in London.


We support our startups with a unique network. Our Europe established divisions cover all strategic business areas. Precisely that network allows us to transfer technologies in emerging markets. Our intent is to provide real added value for all shareholders. 


Our service

We are an established partner for the implementation of innovative start-up projects and can draw on experience in the analysis of more than 500 patent claims, the testing of more than 150 project evaluations, 50 development and 05 participations. This know-how gives our candidates the best chance for a successful foundation and increases the chance to get more funding and financing.

The exchange of knowledge and experiences within the GFC Europe network with our divisions in, UK, Germany, Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein, accelerate the implementation of different business ideas of our start-ups.

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We have established a network of strategic, commercial and legal aids for our startups. No hammock, but a safety net. 


The world is full of great ideas. They often therefore not only come to fruition because it lacks the developers of courage, self-confidence, financial resources, marketing strategies and / or the technical implementation force.

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We wish to participate in future developments of our fast-paced business startups. 


We offer both young and established companies alternative forms of financing, the development of the company or to implement projects.

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Investment views and financial market data

Live data


Live data

What else can we

do for you?

Real Estate

Real Estate

We work closely with project developers, strategies for lucrative residential, - commercial, - and holiday properties in Europe. 

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What managers and project managers require more than technical knowledge beyond that offers trainings and seminars of the GFC Academy. 



We support the coexistence of renewable resources and the raw material economy.

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