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World premiere operas Circus -CLASSIC OPERA CIRCUS plans synthesis of musical theater and Circus



The project `operas Circus` is from the classic opera CIRCUS LTD. (COC) organized, based in London. Dr. Roland driver, founder and director of the COC: "The opera Circus is the synthesis of musical theater and circus; Location is the classic circus tent. The dramatic motivated integration of artistic elements in an opera (acrobatics, singing, dressage, also predators) is absolutely unique. A pilot project was the 1992 "German Mozart Festival". The Revival is more than overdue."


The basic structure is present with the Circus Schollini, which agreed a firm co-operation and in 2016 a first pilot project is planned. The Circus Schollini is a multiple winner of the European Circus Festival and consists mainly of young artists who are extremely creative, innovative and motivated to develop the new genre `Operncircus` with. Furthermore, should also be made to the basic structure of the established since 2000 the festival "Berlin Classic Days". The project `OpernCircus` is thus intended to be permanent. The pilot project Mozart's "Impresario" starts its world premiere at 22:03:16 in Berlin. The start of the initial phase is to take place during the Christmas season in 2016 with Mozart's "Impresario" and the new Premiere "Abduction" from the summer of 2017 and the tour in Germany and Austria. In Berlin, shall be established a regular presence, from where worldwide tours are planned.


The GFC Europe PLC since 2014 supported the project of the Opera Circus already as an incubator. With the establishment of Classic Opera Circus Ltd. plans to GFC Europe PLC now also engaged as institutional business angel. Uwe Dost, Chairman & CEO of GFC Europe PLC: "The project of` OpernCircus` convinced us after previous national events, found a very positive response. Since the project `OpernCircus` is permanent, to be held around the world, was the positioning of the COC as a holding company in connection with the planned investment strategy, unavoidable. Since we are already planning with our portfolio companies, Horses for Champions and the Royal Marina & Yacht Group, bigger event events permanently, we see quite well synergies among these companies are established, which also justifies a commitment by us ".

HFC at Longines Masters
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