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World premiere with operas Circus - CLASSIC OPERA CIRCUS plans synthesis of musical theater and Circus


The project `operas Circus` is organized by CLASSIC OPERA CIRCUS LTD (COC) organized, based in London and will combine the combination of a unique large-scale events in the field of classical music with established festivals and concert series...


HORSES FOR CHAMPIONS will participate in the Longines Masters in Paris


HORSES FOR CHAMPIONS founder, Matthias Schäfter announced yesterday the official participation of his team, at the Longines Masters Series in Paris. The team of HORSES FOR CHAMPIONS starts with his German show jumpers, Matthias Schäfter and the Croatian jumper, Anamarija Hodko, in early December with Paris for the first time in this series...

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Matthias Schäfter HFC

Successful debut for team HORSES FOR CHAMPIONS at CSI** in San Giovanni


At the CSI ** from the 22nd to the 25th of October at the HORSES RIVERA RESORT San Giovanni in Marignano, the team HORSES FOR CHAMPIONS, with their German showjumper Matthias Schäfter and Anamarija Hodko from Croatia, had its debut on the international stage...



Devamag Entertainment creates the theme song and film for Monaco


Devamag has the task to create the modern theme song of Monaco, with corresponding movie for all major events and cultural events in Monaco. Thus, Devamag is developing the first international music project for the Principality of Monaco...


Team HORSES FOR CHAMPIONS successful in the final at the Kreuther New Year show jumping competition 2015


At the New Year's showjumping event in Kreuth/Germany from 08 to 11 January 2015 eight nations were at the start. The HORSES FOR CHAMPIONS launched simultaneously with four horses...


Founding of Horses for Champions


Horses for Champions Ltd., abbreviated as HFC, was founded today by the German showjumper Matthias Schäfter. HFC’s goal is to build up an as yet unprecedented international group of companies whose synergies cover all commercial factors of modern equestrian sport...



Devamag positions itself worldwide as the first Majestic label


Devamag, Inc. has positioned itself in New York as the world's first "Majestic Label" and fills a significant gap...



Establishing of Devamag as new US Music Label


The company Devamag headquartered in Frankfurt am Main was founded on this day in the form of a US-AG under the name Devamag, Inc. with a focus on the entertainment industry and, strategically positioned at the...

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