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Devamag Entertainment creates the theme song and film for Monaco


Sunset In Monte Carlo, Deivis Hernandez Valdes


Devamag has the task to create the modern theme song of Monaco, with corresponding movie for all major events and cultural events in Monaco. Thus, Devamag is developing the first international music project for the Principality of Monaco.

The theme song Sunset In Monte Carlo is being develeloped from the script development, casting, the composition of music production, management of film production up to the global marketing strategy, entirely in-house by Devamag. The premiere of this film music will take place during the Formula 1 in Monte Carlo. Since 2012. GFC Europe PLC accompanied Devamag already through the different stages of growth.


Chairman & CEO of GFC Europe PLC, Uwe Dost: „Devamag plans together in cooperation with our portfolio companies HORSES FOR CHAMPIONS and Royal Marina & Yacht Group during a jointly organized large-scale events in the summer of 2016 to present this music film".


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Devamag positions itself worldwide as the first Majestic label

Devamag New York
Devamag New York


Devamag, Inc. has positioned itself in New York as the world's first "Majestic Label" and fills a significant gap in the music industry. Characterized by the flexibility and speed of Independent Labels and the marketing strategies of the major labels, a new type of label has arisen. Devamag is thus an innovator who exploits the full range of digital music generation. Alone by positioning itself as Majestic Label Devamag stand out from the 1800 Independent labels and the 3 major labels.


Devamag founder and president, Deivis H. Valdes: „The music industry has been a long time slowly but surely changing. The digital music era has already begun. Because of the dependence on physical resources, many market players, especially the biggest record companies in the world, are unable to respond entirety to this rapid change in Mark until now. For many small labels (Independent Lables) it is possible to respond quickly to these changing market and trends, but they lack to reach in order to ultimately be able to market their music projects popular“.


GFC Europe PLC has already accompanied Devamag, Inc. by the incubator seed and start-up phase and is now planning to entry into the first-stage phase, to continue their engagement as an institutional business angel. 


Chairman and CEO, of GFC Europe PLC, Uwe Dost: We believe that Devamag will close with their unexampled concept this market gap therefore, because they act entirely independently from the major labels although has the same range, but can react more quickly and flexibly to market changes and trends“.




Establishing of Devamag as new US Music Label


Devamag New York


The company Devamag headquartered in Frankfurt am Main was founded on this day in the form of a US-AG under the name Devamag, Inc. with a focus on the entertainment industry and, strategically positioned at the California location in Palo Alto


Devamag analyzes the music market for new trends and market gaps and produces with a network of renowned artists, producers and global marketing company hit-compatible concepts.


Devamag founder and president, Deivis H. Valdes: "Our aim is to network all music creators person in the world on a versatile social media platform with its own marketplace. That is why we now offer young talent the opportunity to compete with their music or film project with us ". GFC Europe PLC accompanies Devamag since the seed stage of the business start-up from their location in Frankfurt am Main, and uses its network for a positioning of the start-up company in Silicon Valley.


Chairman & CEO of GFC Europe PLC, Uwe Dost: "It is the first company in the entertainment field, in which we are involved. Devamag pursues with its concept a new targeted competitive strategy and has a lot of potential for us to become the first mover in this industry."

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