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HFC debuts at Longines Masters ***** in Paris with four horses


HFC at the Longines Masters

HFC Chairman, Uwe Dost: "We have since the founding of HFC in 2014 both economically, as well as on a sporting level, already achieved a great deal. I am therefore proud of the entire HFC team that has proven even in difficult times, that it applied the necessary patience in dealing with young horses, so many years of success in the future, are at all possible."


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The team of HORSES FOR CHAMPIONS debuted at the past three days with a total of four horses. In addition to the only 7-year-old stallion ZfdP `Simple Best` and the 10- year-old gray` Furano Fun de Cryenveledn`, also came acquired shortly before the tournament the 6-year-old chestnut mare `Irish rose` and 7- year old mare `Cortesia` to their first use on international parquet. According restrained was also the expectations of the entire HFC teams, at the young horses.


Matthias Schäfter who opened the trials with "Irish Rose" in the class 1,15m and also graduated with Simple the Best the last day: "I am due to the grueling arrival, our very short way to prepare for this Master's and our tournament participation at the CSI ** in Kreuth until a week ago, very optimistic that in 2016 we will make many positive surprises with our horses and will ensure the growing team".









Longines Masters Paris



HORSES FOR CHAMPIONS will participate in the Longines Masters in Paris

Horses for Champions Longines Masters


HORSES FOR CHAMPIONS founder, Matthias Schäfter announced yesterday the official participation of his team, at the Longines Masters Series in Paris. The team of HORSES FOR CHAMPIONS starts with his German show jumpers, Matthias Schäfter and the Croatian jumper, Anamarija Hodko, in early December with Paris for the first time in this series. After several successful participations in international tournaments in Germany, Croatia and Italy, the startup wich was founded in 2014 on its successful course.


Uwe Dost, Chairman & CEO of GFC Europe PLC as well as co-founder and Chairman of HORSES FOR CHAMPIONS: „We look forward to participating in this popular Master Series. From a sporting perspective, it is our goal that we succeed primarily a good performance of horse and rider in front of such a big scenery. From an entrepreneurial point of view, the philosophy of the HFC is able to convey solely by the presence of this group, to a large international audience. We are proud that the HFC gets this opportunity after only such a short time positioning ".


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San Giovanni



Successful debut for team HORSES FOR CHAMPIONS at CSI** in San Giovanni


Horses for Champions Italy


At the CSI ** from the 22nd to the 25th of October at the HORSES RIVERA RESORT San Giovanni in Marignano, the team HORSES FOR CHAMPIONS, with their German showjumper Matthias Schäfter and Anamarija Hodko from Croatia, had its debut on the international stage. Both riders were highly motivated and, having participated in some national competitions this year, very curious about how their horses would perform for the first time at a CSI.


Anamarija Hodko was in her first international competition in the 1.30m class with her white horse “Furano Fun de Cryenveledn” and she managed to get into the reserve pool on the last day. Matthias Schäfter participated in a CSI for the first time with his young ZfdP stallion, which he had trained himself. After getting a very satisfying 6th place in the 1.15m class on the Friday, horse and rider unexpectedly ended the last day of the tournament in 2nd place. 


Matthias Schäfter: “This ‘little’ success means a lot more to me because I was able to train the horse myself. Because of this, I have no problem starting out with an inexperienced horse. I believe in the potential of our horses and I would naturally have hoped that we would have achieved some great results, but the fact that both horses exceeded my own expectations on this day surprised even me."


Co-Founder and Chairman of HORSES FOR CHAMPIONS, Uwe Dost:

“The participation of our team in this CSI has already served to prepare us for our season highlight, the participation in the Longines Masters in Paris at the beginning of December. We know what we still have to work on, which automatically also makes each participation in a competition the best training for horse and rider.”


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HFC successfull in Kreuth



Team HORSES FOR CHAMPIONS successful in the final at the Kreuther New Year show jumping competition 2015


Horses For Champions in Kreuth
Horses For Champions


At the New Year's showjumping event in Kreuth/Germany from 08 to 11 January 2015 eight nations were at the start. The HORSES FOR CHAMPIONS launched simultaneously with four horses and reached at the finals for the jumping competition at the "Ostbayernhalle" in Kreuth-Rieden  with Anamarija Hodko and their mold `Furano Fun de Cryenveledn, a sensational 2nd place.


Matthias Schäfter, founder and CEO of HFC, reached after a long pause as an active show jumper on the Würtemberger mare `Latina` place 3: „With the result, we can be very satisfied due to the short preparation time.

We were able to see where our horses are currently at and what we still need to work to ride the next tournaments even more constant “.


Chairman & CEO of GFC Europe PLC as Co-Founder & Chairman of HFC, Uwe Dost: „We already knew and that you could see even on those days also, that each of our horses has enormous development potential. This knowledge allows us to be very confident about the future of HFC ".


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HFC Founding



Founding of Horses for Champions


Horses For Champions founding
Horses For Champions founding


Horses for Champions Ltd., abbreviated as HFC, was founded today by the German showjumper Matthias Schäfter. HFC’s goal is to build up an as yet unprecedented international group of companies whose synergies cover all commercial factors of modern equestrian sport.


One of HFCs core tasks is the breeding and preparation of optimally suited sport horses for international equitation, as well as carrying out and maintaining sustainable and solid training of sport horses.


The name recognition of the HFC brand is to be enhanced by the marketing of exclusive equestrian products through an online shop. GFC Europe, which is located in London, will assist HFC as an institutional business angel from the seed phase of the founding of the company and will take on the chairing of the board of directors with the chairman and CEO Uwe Dost, as well as the management of the group.

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